SU carbs?

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May 11, 2007
Was just looking up stuff on the Norton 76 and i was wondering if anybody ever tried updating to an SU carb setup like they wanted to do with the 76. As I understand the most you'd have to do is shave a bit off one the frame gusseting plates since they're pretty tall. They look like pretty nice carbs though, not to mention the 80 mpg you get out of them if you're not real trigger-happy... :shock:
An SU conversion kit for Commandos was available from Bernard Hooper Engineering for a number of years, Bernard Hooper Engineering are (or at least were) the owners of the Norton 76 prototype as it was on loan to the UK National Motorcycle Museum.
The company is now run by Bernard Hooper's son, as Bernard Hooper died a few years ago I think, unfortunately the SU kit is no longer available.

Bernard Hooper Engineering:
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