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Mar 7, 2005
The right-hand front mudguard stay has a stripped threat where it goes into the right-hand fork leg. What is the best way to fix this?

Disaasemble and get it heli-coiled or something else?

Any toughts?
There is a product from Loctite that will most likely work fine for this relatively easy to get to and non-critical thread hole.....see link...

Available in the states at least...we don't seem to have it here in Europe as I have tried to get it and it's a no go well though, it properly done.... :D
I would have thought a helicoil (or Re-coil) insert would be the easiest option? And could be done without doing any more than removing the wheel and mudguard/fender.

JB-Weld has been recommended by others for alloy repairs although I haven't tried it myself:

And is available in the UK and Europe.
Two different purposes...unless someone corrects is specifically to re-do threads, the other is an epoxy weld/glue compound, which more than likely can be drilled, and tapped. True, can use both, and admittedly, a Heli-coil is trick, but the Loctite stuff is quick, cheap and works for non-critical threads. Wouldn't use it on a head bolt or an exhaust nut, but I have used it on intake manifolds and such. Heli-coil is nice, but does the neighbourhood garage have a Heli-coil in some obscure English thread? Besides, if all else fails...slap a longer bolt in there and a nut on the end of it...... :wink:
hewhoistoolazytologin said:
Two different purposes...unless someone corrects is specifically to re-do threads, the other is an epoxy weld/glue compound, which more than likely can be drilled, and tapped.

Yes true, the loctite is for a specific purpose, the JB Weld can be drilled and tapped apparently (as I said I haven't used it) and I thought we were exploring some possibilities here?

Another possibility would be a Lumiweld or HTS 2000 repair (my own preference)?

hewhoistoolazytologin said:
Heli-coil is nice, but does the neighbourhood garage have a Heli-coil in some obscure English thread?

I don't really consider Whitworth (BSW) to be particularly obscure (I don't think this particular fork thread ever changed over to UNC?), although a UNC Helicoil could be substituted as the pitch is the same (I think SAE UNF/UNC threads are still known in some parts of the world?)

Anyway, who mentioned anything about a neighbourhood garage doing the job? ... =1&PCID=28

It is a 1/4-20 thread. Very common thread pitch for a heli-coil. Go for it. Stronger than the polymeric thread formers. You can drill, tap, and helicoil in almost the time it takes for the Loc-Tite to cure. Remove the fender and wheel and rotate the leg for access.
Guess the vote goes to the man with the biggest hat... mine is too small.


Do what you gotta do........just make sure you smile while doing it....:wink:
Hewho', Undoubtedly,you are one very happy, congenial fellow -- good natured I"ll bet. Whatever you do SMILE and ride safely. James.
Thanks Guys... Looks like I will order a kit & try Heli-Coil-ing for the 1st time.

Hopefully I will be smiling at the end.
TT, if you opt to do the helicoil or any other method of repair in-situ can I recommend that you measure the depth of the thread hole and wrap some tape round the drill bit to tell you where to stop, so that you don't go too deep and suddenly require considerable more than just a heli coil insert.
Has living with all of those super serious Krauts made you mellow or is it the brew? :lol:

Not the brew....or the smoke....anymore...these days. And yes, the Germans can indeed see most things as quite serious...but not always humorless. Depends on the person, as it does with all of us.

Yours is the second comment on my response above.......I find this strange. Seems like some of you expected me to argue about this question, to Heli or not to Heli... I must impress you all as the one on the forum who always needs something to argue about. Not much to argue about , though, on this subject. Heli-coil is always better, if you can get the kit, and....afford it. The "Form a thread" is cheaper and in the states at least, more available...but not better. So I bowed out of the to be better things to do with our time than argue over something that just isn't important enough to argue about...or? Especially when the other fellow is correct.
If you have followed even half of my boring blog, you will see that I have been at heart a "Hot Head" and not the least bit cautious about getting myself into some stupid mess, of my own making....but I'm trying to slow that down now, as, in retrospect, most of the things I got all hot and bothered about in the past just weren't in actuality, important enough to get that worked up about. Maybe it is better to save the energy for something that is really important...and to Heli or not....just isn't that important.....

So now you and half the world know why I might just slowly not see any sense in getting getting my shorts tied in a knot about Heli-coils today...I'll just wait for the weekend and tease some biker about his Harley, instead......:wink:

Maturity breeds discretion!


Tormenting the Harley crowd here is a full time job.

God forbid!!!!

What is maturity, anyway.... besides a lifetime of collected experience, maybe. And even that doesn't function in all cases....still able to do dumb stuff at the drop of a hat.....but sometimes....just sometimes....I take the time nessesary to make a decision based on experience.

Or instructions from the wife....... :wink:
And just when you thought it was all over, another idea, why not do a threaded insert made out of an old bolt. Tap the alloy out to the nearest convenient thread even metric then use a bolt of the same thread to make an insert, drill down the centre & tap to correct thread for mudguard stay bolt. Cheap, very strong. So you now have "to insert or to bodge (sorry chemical metal) or helicoil
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