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Jun 14, 2003
I pulled the carburetor and intake runner from my MK III today and look what I found in the head!

That black spooge you see in the picture is hard as a rock. I believe it's the liner from my old steel tank that began to disolve from the new gasoline / ethanol blends. It appears that the liner re-deposited itself inside the head and became backed-on from the heat.

Has anyone else experienced a similar phenomenon???

It could be oil deposits from worn/hard inlet valve stem seals. Does it burn much oil or puff out of the exhaust occasionally?

No, the motor doesn't puff/burn any oil. I'm pretty sure this spooge is the lining from the steel tank I had mounted previously; it's nearly the same color. It seems the lining held up great until ethanol was added to our gas supply.

I would bet from the people I've talked to that it is the ethanyl or however you spell that crap. I hate it, as far as I'm concerned that is a big reason people are burning out their valve guides so quickly on older machines.I've extensive travelling in the U.S and in some places you don't have a choice but to run that SHIT.We haven't got here in Canada yet but I think it is on it's way. KILL ETHANYL.
Do the metal tanks have a black lining too?
As I write this I am emptying my 72 fiberglass Interstate tank to re-line it with that Caswell product written about elsewhere in this forum.
In my case it instantly gums up the Mikuni slide with a noticable blackish deposit.
Good luck.

My steel tank had a blackish-red liner, which looks similar to the strange deposits in the intake track of my head.

I'm currently running a figerglass tank with a white colored liner from Bill Hircsh, so far so good.
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