Steering damper, vibration and 850 road tested

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May 22, 2004
Hi blokes.

Been a while ~ well back as far as October in fact when I reported the issue of the steering damper and unsatisfactory handling and vibration / white finger.

Well ~ I have replaced the tyres, rechecked all the Isolastics (Vernier type) set at .008 ~ removed the steering damper and tweaked the (Mk III) head steady.
I am extremely pleased to report the bike has been transformed. !!

It is NOT the same bike of 2005 and before !

The handling is positive, sure footed and awesome !
The steering is positively as sure / certain as it was with the steering damper!

Finally after all this time the bike is what I would have expected form day one.

The vibration level as suggested by Frank (Damp) that is zero above 1,500 rpm ~ is great ~ now inspiring after tweaking the head steady.

I started by backing off the head steady with two full turns ~ then subsequently two more tweaks ~ after road testing ~( one full turn there after. )

I just came back from a quick trot up the highway (And our local highways are NOT straight or consistently level as the word highway may conjure up. But twisty ~ undulating and exciting riding!)

The hassle started after the first ride when after some 30 miles it started running like bloody heap of ~ I ripped the air filter off and blew out the jets.. and re tuned it .. fixed it fine. I figure it had gummed jet in the right carb after standing for several months . and it is our summer.

The vibration level is almost totally removed and only is notably around 2,200 rpm now and then it is not rasping.
Thanks Frank

So I figure I am approaching that optimum setting now.

After all this time I figured I knew it all ~ well most of it.. but it is wise man that takes advice on board.

The only problem is that the bike bailed me up back in December on a club ride ~ and ~ AFTER ~ sorting it I pushed it into the corner in disgust !! (Faulty dizzy wiring and loose power cabling junction!)

I then moved onto the latest project which I have been desiring for a very long time.. a Trident ~ T150V JJ ~ "hee haww" ~ a five speed gearbox.. triple!!

The Norton screams for a five speed in these parts!!

This new puppy is ALL going to be sorted by myself and unlike the Commando will not have much done by others..
Thanks to all that guided .. pushed me through the brush !!
Thanks mate ~ I was going to start shifting thru to find the link .. much appreciated..

And yes it is great to see a plan unfold like it is supposed too !! lol
Even better when it comes together as a joint effort.. sort of makes a complete and knowledgeable affirmation!! 8)
it is great to see a plan unfold like it is supposed too

you said it.... But we are all dealing here with simple mechanical problems. Steel and aluminum are the simple stuff in life. Anything made of metal, can be fixed, given enough patience and money.

PS... Don't forget Valentines Day.....that kind of stuff isn't as easy to fix.. :wink:
Norton to trident

Well Hi Stuart, great to hear the Norton is near on song. I have done the Trident thing first, now I am playing Commando's. I,m down in Sydney we have quite a few 150's Rockets 111's and some 160's operating. May I suggest you try an equally good forum as this one, for Triples, called triples online.
It certainly ensure a good out come from those nights out in the shed, when a little experiences help and laughter is only a key board away.
I'm keen to experience the Norton, compared to my T150V and if I get away with it from the home office I intend to have both units on a very long term comparison.
All bikes have there idiosyncrocy's, my guess is if your have got the Commando going well, the Triumph won't give you much trouble, a couple of pointers if I may though.

Carbs are critical, so check all the needles and needle jets, replace if unsure, they wear and minute wear really plays havoc with the smooth running. I synco mine off the bike by setting the slides with ball bearings.

Clutches setting is always fun, the free play setting listed in the book is pretty hard to attain, without drag. I replaced the ball thrust with a proper angular contact and run nil free play.

Cheers for now, I will be asking the norton questions now.

Regards Richard :roll:
Hi Richard
First up ~ you will find my 'handle" on TOL .. I use the same handle on here.. TOL and , a Ozzie site.
As for the bikes.. I also owned a T160 for some years and still give myself an occasional upper cut now and again for selling it.

If you are ever in Alice Springs and see a T160 flashing around that's the one.

I well familiar with the clutches and primary in both these bikes. And the carbs. The Trident is going to be sporting Mikunis as I have been given a set for FOC..

I may well will be offering up a new steering damper on Ebay soon along with a hoard of other goodies. if I can ever get my !^% together !! lol

Having spent a lot of time traveling working and riding Australia I can't say I could even offer a comparison of the great riding up here around Cairns and the Tableland. fantastic!

(Maybe some of the extreme south coast of NSW and the Brown Mountain!)
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