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Dec 1, 2006
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My latest disaster leads me to ask - can someone with a Mk3 with a 36mm Mikuni tell me their starting routine from cold.
That little "enricher?" device seems to have contributed to a couple of backfires. Thanks
I would think if she is backfiring you would want to make sure the timing is right, Then also make sure you don't have any air leaks. I have a MKIII but I have the 34MM single set up and only have a choke on it, So when cold I just put the choke on and then when the bike has been sitting for a week or two it may take 2 or 3 kicks but when warm she only takes 1 kick and she fires. So just be sure your timing is correct first, When I first got my bike the hardest thing to do was check the timing as it seems insane to run the RPM's up to 5,000 with the bike on the centerstand my bike wants to go and she can't stand to stretch her legs and go nowhere. I often wonder how many peoples bikes would run better if only the timing was correct? This is only a thought and your timing may not be the problem at all but i just wanted to add this, Have a great new year guys and gals be safe in all your rides and keep the shiny side up, And that is all I have to say about that! Chuck :D
When I first got my bike the hardest thing to do was check the timing as it seems insane to run the RPM's up to 5,000 with the bike on the centerstand ..

No!! :shock:

When checking timing, do NOT try to do this on the centerstand. Particularly if you have a '71-75 Commando with the centerstand mounted to the engine cradle. Put the bike on its wheels with perhaps a section of 2X6 under the sidestand to make it easier to see the timing marks. The isos and the tires will absorb most of the vibration and you will not have by-standers laughing and pointing as you chase your bike across the driveway with a timing light!!
On a cold start i push the choke lever fully down and before the starter button is fully depressed the bike is running . Leave the choke on for about one minute and go riding. And that is why i changed to the Mikuni. I tried everything on the amals but was forever tinkering with them to keep things just right.The Mikuni has been on for two years now and i have done nothing since the day it was first installed.
Thanks Ron, Thats what they would have been doing if they were watching me, Next time that is what I will do, LOL, LOL, I had the old lady straddling the front tire and turning the throttle while watching the tach, what a job. Still dont make no sense!!! Chuck.
I am running a Pazon ign. They say to set up timing at full adv (31 deg for Pazon) less 2 at 300rpm if you are running in.
I had already chased the bike around the shed a couple of times so had vivid images of running around with the timing light.
I put it on the c/stand on an old rubber car mat and set the revs to 3000 on the Mikuni idle screw, had the timing done in about 1 minute. The mat works a treat.
How accurate it is we'll see. With a few runs on it I'll check it properly.
I was running the same combination (Mikuni & electronic ignition) on my MK3. If you use the electric starter as I do the voltage drop during starter use is just too much for reliable ignition. It usually shows itself with backfires and kickback against the starter, often leading to starter or starter drive damage. After spending many hours trying to solve the problem I finally gave up and just went back to the stock ignition.
were you also running a pazon ignition?

Yes, I'd like to hear from some people running Pazon with a working electric starter. I have a RITA on my MK3 and as long as the battery is in good charge, it starts easily. Unfortunately, they are no longer available and the voltage needs of the Boyer and Sparx units are apparently too great for reliable timing during starting.
I was using the Boyer ignition with poor results. I suggest you check out some of the technical information available at Atlantic Green’s website at A properly set up points ignition works just fine on my MK3 and starting with the electric starter is reliable. I have subsequently modified my starter to four brushes and installed heavier wiring for the starter. I’ve never used a Pazon unit and maybe it can be made to work OK. But I am inclined to believe the electrical system on a MK3 is just not suitable for electronic ignition if you are going to use the electric starter unless you are willing to accept a risk of possible damage to the starter drive components, especially the sprage clutch unit. For me, kickback against the starter is just not something I like to tolerate.
Ron, I also would like to hear of anyone elses experience with the Pazon and electric start. The reason I went with the Pazon was because of stuff I'd read on this forum. I suspect my main problems were twofold:-
(see previous threads)
1. trying to commission the bike with no kick start. i.e. timing was only done staticly on the Pazon and then I was starting it to check leaks etc before doing dynamic timing.
2. the faulty solenoid clunking in and out.

I am pretty confident that once I get the parts and sort it out it will be a reliable combination. i.e. - Oddysey battery, extra heavy cables and lugs,RELIABLE solenoid, Comeau starter.
Ron, I just found that Mikeymike is using a Pazon on his Mk3 and is very happy with it. You may want to quiz him.
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