Springtime in the Rockies!

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Apr 15, 2004
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Spring has sprung here in Colorado, for this week anyway. We had beautiful warm sunny weather this weekend and I got the Norton out for a nice long ride today. He started first kick and never missed a beat all day. He sure couldn't do that when I got him, which was just about a year ago. I'm rather proud of what I've accomplished with him!

This was one of the last rides for the TLS front end. It turns out the stanchions are bent and they have to be carefully aligned with each other or else the front wheel goes on crooked. But the new forks are ready to go and once I resolve some fitment issues with the new brake line I can do the swap.

I stopped by the post office to get my mail and the new issue of Norton News was waiting for me! What a nice way to finish the ride :D

Hi from Australia Debby,

Sounds like you had a very good day/ride.
I can just picture you zooming through the mountains of Colorado :D

The commandos are so nice to ride when they are sorted out aren't they.
It is a good feeling, being on a bike you maintain & keep running well as you are doing.

It would be nice to visit Colorado one day in the future & ride with you.

My little sister & her husband are moving to Colorado, I'm looking forward to taking some rides out there but probably not on the Norton with its clip-ons, we'll see. Weather was beautiful here in southern Nevada as well. I Finally got to take my new commando for a good ride after spending a month figuring out the ignition problem. Cheers!
Not open for further replies.