Speedo's on the fritz, but odo works...?

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Jun 14, 2007
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My speedo is misbehaving. Tthe needle bounces around the high end of the MPH scale - but the odometer seems to be keeping accurate mileage count. I would have thought if one wasn't working, the other wouldn't be, but maybe not?
Thanks Jim. I've actually already spoke to Nisonger's, and the clock will go there next winter at worst. If I've got a working odo, I can get through the riding season here in New England and let them fix it next winter. If I don't even have an odo (as fuel gauge, maintenance tracker, etc.) I will do it sooner. Thanks - B
Thanks Les. That's what I was hoping. Means I can put off a rebuild til after riding season. (Or more accurately, when the other bikes go up on their stands and the airhead RT comes down off its...). Cheers. - B
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