Speedo gearbox

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Still working on my Mk3 rear wheel conversion, I was wandering if anyone has transformed the MK2 speedo gearbox into a MK3 one?? As the thing looks like openable maybe it is possible to save the $120 of a new one ?!
Don't think that is possible. The MkIII drives from the left side while the drum brake models drive from the right. Therefore the drives are mirror images.
I did this conversion to my '73 850 Interstate. The only reason I did it was I had the parts laying around. A MkIII cradle was used with a small Airheart M/C from a flat tracker. The end result is good for amusement as I watch people check out the bike only to do a double take when they see the MkIII rear wheel and right side shift and primary.
Braking is only adequate and not noticeably better than the drum.
Ron L.
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