speedo drive rebuild

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Jul 8, 2006
Hi guys& girls, love the forum, I'v been watching for a few weeks.

Does any one out there know if any one rebuilds smiths speedo drives, I do know there are aftermarket speedo drive out there, some dont last very long.
I had my tacho rebuilt by Olympic Instrument Sales 907-909 Pacific Highway, Pymble NSW.

It seems OK...
Had a pattern one on mine (bought from British Spares in NZ) for 5000 miles now and the build quality is pretty good. I went through two Smiths units in 23000 miles which, apparently, is not untypical. Make sure it's got a "grease" nipple that works so that you can give it a squirt of oil every 2K or so. A rebuilt Smiths unit, regularly oiled, would be the best choice, I agree.
G'day Joe,

I'm not sure if you mean the drive at the back wheel or not, but i got my Smiths' speedo on my old Ariel Red Hunter done by OTTO AUTOMOTIVE INSTRUMENTS in Brisvegas Ph. (07) 32773888

Regards Mike
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