Sparx regulator - where to mount??

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Sep 26, 2007
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have a 95 Mark 3, with Mikuni (so no air box) and a Corbin seat (thus the Corbin mounting bracket between the shock mount top bolts).

Was about to install my nice new Sparx 3-phase alternator and accompanying regulator, but it doesn't fit where my stock rectifier was.

Where have others been mounting it? With a bracket of some kind? I bought the unit from Stan at Rocky Point cycle - no mention of a mounting bracket.


Going through that same decision process right now. K&N pod filters and a Corbin, so I'm in the same boat. Was thinking of trying to mount it up front, near the coils, so as to be in the stream of cool air up there. (Not original thought - my wife's Triumph has hers there, and it seems like a good idea).

Please post where you end up - I'll do the same.

THanks - Brian
mounting the Sparx regulator

Brian - i can't seem to jam it in anywhere near the location of the old rectifier (the mounting bar for the Corbin is in the way, and i really like the seat!). Was toying with adjacent to the battery - maybe throwing out the capacitor (which I understand is "optional" (right?))

Otherwise the most sensible place is up near the coil cluster. there is probably room, since I have a Boyer and therefore have space there because condensors not needed.

Norbsa - thanks for pointing to the photos. Which model is this? trying to figure out where you mounted the unit....

Try drilling and bolting to the lip at the front edge of the battery tray.
It's a voltage regulator different brand doesn't matter at all. In the second picture you can see the unit bolted to the sheet of alum. that view is from the front of the bike facing back. the ISO rubbers are mounted in some holes in the sheet metal work at the end of the main frame tube. The last picture shows a top view. If you want your bracket to last ISO mount it.
grandpaul said:
Try drilling and bolting to the lip at the front edge of the battery tray.

Yes, as well there are a few nooks and crannys to mount it near or around the battery tray. I have fiddled with a few positions and am experimenting with an older battery tray as it is different than the one on my MKIII. Brackets can be fabbed pretty easily out of flat stock.
I tried a few spots tonight, and finally decided to mount an exhaust pipe rubber "hinged" stud (great tip, thanks Norbsa!) in lieu of the fender mounting bolt just behind the battery box. One side of the stud goes through the fender to a washer and nut underneath the fender, and the other I will use to mount the regulator.

Still working through the wiring harness, figuring out what's what and what exactly to do with it. Replaced an old style buss fuse with a modern style one (easier to find, especially on the road), soldering and crimping on various connectors, etc. Hope to install the harness this weekend, with much of the figuring out and preparation done so it - I hope- goes smoothly and quickly. (But it never does, does it? ;-)
I put in a bracket and squeezed it in between the battery and the airbox.
I used a small sealed battery so I have lots of space under there.
Sparx regulator - where to mount??

Installing it...
Sparx regulator - where to mount??

Good luck!

Hey Fastback, in installing your Sparx alternator, did you find that the rotor was "recessed" a bit beyond your stator (see other thread on this topic) - it looked that way on your website (I actually linked to one of your photos in that thread - I hope you don't mind). Thanks - Brian
Just from an engineering point of view a single point mount is a bad thing ISO'ed or not. You need two bolts for the mount and two ISO's.
Hi Brian,
No problem linking to pics - that's what they're there for!
I must confess that it was a few years ago now so my memory is a little fuzzy - I have a vague notion of looking at it and being satisfied that the stator and rotor working parts (the metal showing through) were in alignment.
Is it a case of the green medium on the stator being thicker then the stock version.
Phil, in this picture: ... /sparx.jpg

Your rotor looks "recessed" a bit - like mine. Not sure if the Sparx stator is "thicker" than the OEM, it may be - but the rotor is plenty thicker still, so I would have thought they would install such that the rotor "sweeps" the full width of the stator. From your picture, and my install, the front 1/4 inch or so of the stator isn't swept by the rotor.

I think that's just the way it is, but it struck me as odd. Enough to inquire, anyway.

Thanks - Brian
mounting Sparx regulator

I think i settled on a place to fit the Sparx r3-phase egulator on my 75 Mark 3.

I decided to pass on the idea of changing the battery orientation from sideways mount to longtitudinal (and the hassle and expense of a new battery box - without a compelling reason).

Instead I pulled out the Capacitor unit that was mounted right under the starter solanoid, which is supposed to be an optional item anyway.

This gives me room to mount it in that area, just behind the battery.

I looked at the photo of the mounting bracket that Colorado Norton Works sells with their Sparx alternator kit, and after trying to talk them into selling me a bracket, I cut and shaped one out of a Simpson bracket. Fits nicely - problem solved.

And the advantage of putting it here vs under the coil bracket is that it means less distance to run the wiring from the alternator to the regulator, and from the regulator to a junction on the live side of the battery.

All good so far. I'm taping off the old wires to my Zener diodes, rectifier, and the capacitor unit. Should take care of it, right?
sparks regulator where to mount

pkeithkelly, I mount mine on a alloy plate connected to the shock mounts, if I knew how to post a photo I would. The Podtronics fouls the fender. I use a Typanium unit. Works well.
Re: sparks regulator where to mount

katescottageiom said:
if I knew how to post a photo I would.

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sparks regulator-where to mount

Pkiethkelly, thanks to L.A.B., I finally figured this photo thing out. Here is my mount.

Sparx regulator - where to mount??

Sparx regulator - where to mount??

Sparx regulator - where to mount??
i get it - per your photos.

However, that cross-bracket you have is exactly where i have my Corbin seat mounting bracket - it's very similar. I guess I could have tried mounting the regulator to the underside of the Corbin bracket - didn't even think of it.

I ended up removing the blue capacitor that was below the electric start solonoid (just behind the battery) and bent a little metal bracket. Installed the Sparx regulator there.

Seems fine - and it's a nice close run to the alternator connections and the battery.


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