Something to remember about Amals and fuel fittings

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Mar 18, 2005
Just thinking about the Amal thread on here and it jogged my memory.
I recall having once purchased aftermarket (genuine made in India) gas taps. Yes, they threaded in well and looked to be fine, but lurking beneath was the trouble.
From time to time, the rubber insert inside the rotating "valve" part would slip, thus blocking off the fuel supply and creating all sorts of symptoms depending on how much was being blocked off.
I finally diagnosed it by pulling the taps and disassembling them and finding how the rubber had slipped.
No fun.
Much cursing.
Less riding.
Through problems like that you really find out who your friends are!
Beware the Calcutta Conundrum and the New Delhi Neoprene!
I had a similar experience although I think mine were made in Taiwan.

Beware the cheap repops, wherever they may come from!

Not open for further replies.