Somebody sell me a used MkIII raer hub. Please.

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Aug 14, 2006
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I need to find a used MkIII rear disc hub. I'm getting some new wheels done and I want to polish the hubs, get the sealed cartridge bearing upgrades done ect and I want to keep the old stock wheels and put them aside.

I managed to find a used front disc hub for $100 Canadian. Any body know who has one for sale?

I apologize to the moderator if this is posted in the wrong section. Thanks to any who reply.

Does anybody also know what the widest tire is I can fit on the rear wheel of my MkIII as I am moving down to an 18" rear. I did a search and could'nt find any info.
I have a 120/90-18 Dunlop on my cafe racer. Can't see how you could go any larger with the stock swingarm/chain. I notched the inside of the chainguard for a little extra insurance.

The turn in seems slow and on the current rebuild (production racer tank/seat/fender, Brembo brakes), I'll try a 110/90-18.

Lesson to be learned... too big a rear tire is a detriment to handling.
Thanks for the info Ron. There is an Avon Roadrunner 100/90 H19 on there right now so a 120/90 - 18 would be a little wider. The 100/90 - 19 hardly has any clearance withing the swingarm so I will probably try out the 120/90 - 18 and see what happens.

Sorry guys as I have been hogging all of the new threads lately and I really appreciate all the info everyone has given me as I am new to Nortons, but I am totally loving it so far.

So back to the rear hub. SOMEBODY SELL ME A REAR MkIII HUB. Sorry for yelling.
:!: Still looking as ebay and used parts vendors have nothing to offer.
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