Solid State Rectifier

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Apr 29, 2005
I just saw this on Ebay, would this work or better yet, would you recommend or has anyone tried this solid state rectifier. I will past the info copied off Ebay. Appreciate any feedback:
Quote: The original plate-type rectifiers that came stock on most British bikes are prone to failure due to vibration & corrosion. Solid state electronics offers a more robust solution with improved long-term reliability.

This unit is a direct replacement for the 12 volt single phase plate type rectifiers. Compact size (approx. 27mm x 27mm) allows for easy positioning, which should be on a small heat sink to aid colling using the central mounting hole. Connection is straightforward.

Replaces the stock 12 volt Lucas Rectifier on Norton, Triumph, BSA and other British Motorcycles: Unquote
The item you describe is now a fairly common replacement for the original single phase rectifiers.
I have used both Tympanium and Podtronic solid state regulator/rectifiers with no complaints. If you are making your own wiring harness this eliminates a lot of wiring as well as replaces the fragile selenium rectifier and zener diodes.
The downside is the tympanium requires mounting on a heat sink and both need to be in a relatively open environment as the excess voltage is dissipated as heat. And of course you are eliminating more of the "beloved" (by some list members) Lucas electrical equipment.
These can be had cheap from electrical shops such as a Tandy (are these still around in the US)
Kommando - hmmm, if it's the same Tandy, a Tandy Corporation here in the US bought out a company called Radio Shack back in the 70's. They kept the Radio Shack name, but started selling cheaply manufactured parts and put the competitor, Lafayette (sp?) Electronics, out of business. Then they started cutting back on the variety of components that is available to the customer. For most of us who are electronic technicians, RS is secretly known as Junk Shack. One of the new super stores, Fry's ( on the net) seems to have a good selection, but I think they have a ways to go to beat Newark.
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