So close.... yet so far......

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Apr 9, 2010
Well, the weekend was a bit of a landmark in my Commando's rebuild! The garage, finally, shook to the noise of the big 750 finally bursting into life. Have to be honest though, I can now see the attraction of an electric start. Took most of the day getting the timing right, and the stubborn old thing kept back-firing and the kickstart has made the bottom of my foot black and blue!

Once she was running, I tried to put her into gear, and this is where my dilema starts.

I have rebuild the clutch, myself, (a first so I hope it's right), and have a brand new clutch cable into the gearbox. However when I pull the clutch, nothing seems to happen.

Has anyone any suggestions as what I may have done wrong?

Nice to hear another Commando being brought to life.
Before Swoosh gets out of bed...let's see some photos!

With regard to you clutch question: Has the operating lever (the one on the end of the mainshaft with the ball-bearing behind it) fallen out of position?
all it needs is gravity!
I spotted mine was wrong as I was fitting the clutch pushrod. Once that's in position it can't escape.
You also need to get the push rod adjusted correctly...the push rod doesn't really move very far.

In regards to kickback, etc. I went to the trouble of using a timing wheel to verify the timing and was really glad I did. Once you get it sorted out it is very satisfying to kick the bike over and have it start easily. (I also cheated and went to the Tri Spark).

Good work!

If you take out the clutch adjusting plug from chaincase you should be able to see if the diaphragm is moving in and out( you can adjust the free play at the same time).
If oil has been in the primary a while the clutch may be a bit stuck . Try putting it in gear and operating the kickstart with the clutch pulled in. A couple of kicks should free it off.
Look at the clutch operating lever in gearbox, these can fall out of position. you can see if its ok from the inpection cover.
Lastly if new plates were fitted during rebuilb its not unknown for them to be a bit tight on the centre and need the splines on the plates relieving.
Good Luck.
Thanks for all your replies! I will be sure to take some pics tomorrow and try out your suggestions!

Ta muchly!!!
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