smoking exhaust

Aug 11, 2003
I bough a MK11A 850 from Rosners, London, via a photo, they told me they knew the bike, regularly serviced it and it would have to go through the workshop before they could deliver it to me in scotland. Sounded OK so I went ahead, don't know what they did in the workshop but they forgot to change the oil and filter both of which were filthy, the gearbox was only half full and the top isolastic was broken, the rubber sheared clean through and the threads in the frame stripped. The right cylinder was blowing smoke which after one ride became oil out of the exhaust so I sent off the barrels for a rebore and replaced the valves, guides etc in the head. Just finished putting it together today and although it started quite easily a lot of light grey smoke is flowing from each exhaust, it is a very long time, (35 years), since i last rebuilt a Norton, so is this normal on a rebuild? I have also fitted a single Mikuni, 36 mm on the advice of the UK supplier, and although the bike started it did so without the choke and then did not want to start so I think the mixture is too rich. Anyone with a 36 mm that can give me an idea of the settings.