sidestand torque?

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May 2, 2009
I torqued my sidestand to the 50ftlbs listed in the workshop manual. Problem is it's so tight that it doesn't swing out without a ton of force. How tight is everyone else's? I wanna be able to kick it out, but I don't want the bike to tip over either. Obviously I can loosen it, but how much is safe?
Your sidestand is supposed to have a bush in the hole that is clamped up tight and by the nut, bolt and washers, the actual stand rotates around this bush and the torque of the bolt should have no effect on the ease of deployment, either your bush is too short or the stand is fouling on something.
Thanks, there's one in there, but like you said it may be too short. Guess I'll have to order another one to try.
I tighten mine until it "feels right". The nylon lock nut stays snug without having to be cranked on.
I'm gonna just loosen it up a bit. I know when I took it off it definitely wasn't 50lbs.
I am having the opposite happen. New SS side stand bolt, new OEM bushing, new nylock nut and washer, stand is loose as a goose and has about 1/8" play. Never had that with the original bolt and bush. WTF? Maybe a new sidestand is in my future. I have to find my old bolt and bushing to try it out as I don't ever recall having that much slop. It's almost like the new bolt's threaded portion is not long enough.
finally got the bushing pressed out..... Problem's gone! The new bush was only 1mm longer, but I guess that's all it needed.
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