Short in horn circuit

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Jun 14, 2007
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I've got a short in my horn circuit.

First the horn wouldn't work at all, but no other issues. Now, pushing the horn button immediately blows my main fuse. Once, just once, in doing this I got the slightest hint of a beep before the fuse blew. All other times, just a small click from the fuse at it blew.

I'm pretty much resigned to a frustrating search for the short tomorrow morning, but if anyone's had this happen or has any ideas, I'm all ears!!

Darned horn itself is just about impossible to get at.

Thanks all - BrianK
Commando, heal thyself?!?!?

I hooked up a short finder, figured I'd just put it in place for tomorrow's labors. It bypasses the fuse with a resettable circuit breaker. Just for grins, I hit the horn button. Got a good blast. Didn't hear the circuit breaker click. Did it a few times. Put in another fuse - the same size (30A) I'd been blowing by the slightest touch on the horn button all day. Horn works fine.

I will never, ever, figure out this bike...
If the bike is a 1971 or later, the horn is supplied voltage through the handlebar push button. I would look for a bare or pinched wire from the horn button to the horn. Failing that, the horn must be internally shorting.

On 1970 or earlier, the horn is supplied voltage directly from the battery and the horn button provides the path to ground. On this type, the only way the fuse could blow is if there was a short inside the horn or if the horn push button was supplied voltage from a wire connected to a voltage source rather than the horn's positive lead.
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