Seat rebuilding

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May 22, 2004
Last year I got tired of the kangaroo seat on the Commando.

So I did some research and eventually pulled it apart and "blocked' the mid section ~ with a dark grey sponge and a thin light green over lay.

The improvement was great ~ But now I find the sponge was / is too large and has pulled the clips and the cover and stripe off.

So back the drawing board.
I spoke with a upholsterer and he showed me block of the orange sponge which he demonstrated collapses even after only a few seconds of 'kneading' ~ Surely this is not typical of the orange grade(??)

So it is back to the dark grey and green over lay ~

So now I have double layered a complete seat 'mould' and am in the process of sculpting with an electric carving knife.

This time I have made it slightly under size and this should allow for the over lay and a 'comfortable' seat cover fit.

My dilemma is ~ what should I use to secure the edging with I am not impresses with the clips and beading combo ` I am not even sure if the set up is original ..

I went scouting a hardware store but to no avail.

I contacted several traders on Ebay who offered me a selection of beading types. But these do not suggest as to the ideal securing system .

I picture a "reverse S" type moulding to screw or even pop rivot on the under side ~ but unless it was continuous the seat cover is going to be uneven ~

(One chopper head suggested I put stud in the outer lower edge !!!~~ :oops: )
Not open for further replies.