Sealed wheel bearings

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May 9, 2008
I want to upgrade to sealed wheel bearings.

Old Britt's site says that the bearing bore and axle must be modified to accept the sealed bearings they sell.

Can anyone point me to a source of bearings that are a like-for-like swap, i.e. no additional maching required?
bearings updated

Hi there, good idea!
The single row bearing exist in a sealed form , so instead of 6203 , you ask for 6203 EE, they are both metric at 17x40x12 mm, the problem arises with the double row , which is 4203 on the open form at 17x40x16, but on the sealed form only exits(?) in 3203 (suffix depends of the manufacturer , but size are 17x40x17.5, so you must shorten your dummy axle (the spacer iside the hub ) by 1.5 mm(at least), to allow proper setting (otherwise it will protrude by 1.5 mm; another solution I had found are the 2203 which exist in sealed form and are 17x40x16, but they are self aligning double row bearings (little bit more expansive here in France , but I have good discount on bearings ....), the fact they self aligning doesn't bother me any more (unless somebody tells me it's no convenient for that use!) .my two cents......Pierre
I've used the single row sealed bearing on both sides for years without a problem. You'll need to make up a spacer for the double row side though.

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