Rita Ignition System for Commando

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Dec 24, 2003

I recently purchased a Rita Ignition system for one of my commandos.

I couldn't resist buying one after all the talk about ignition systems.

There is very good information at British Cycle RE: Installation.

I am curious as to why the static timing is 28 dgrees btdc as per points.
Yet the Boyer is 31 degrees btdc.
Do one of you techos on the forum know why it is so ?

If someone has one mounted & would be kind enough to post a photo of exactly how they mounted it, that would also be appreciated. Failing that, I would assume it is mounted across the bike at the coil brackets ? Or is it meant to be mounted "along the bike" at the coil brackets. It says lengthways in the instructions, but ........

Thanks in advance for any information.
I don't have a photo of the installation, but the box for the RITA mounts to a bracket which in turn is mounted lengthwise between the coils by two rubber isolators (similar to muffler mounts). You might have to drill the coil bracket, but mine already had holes drilled there. Check out http://www.eurospares.com/elec.htm as Michael was formerly the importer and has much information on his site. Dave Comeau bought the remainder of Michael's stock. Dave frequents this list and can answer Boyer/RITA timing spec difference.
Thanks for the link & info Ron.
It came with the mounting bracket & the mounting rubbers.

The 1/16" pin is missing to set the timing up, but I guess I will work that part out. If you have any info for doing timing without the pin, it would be appreciated.
The pin you refer to must be the 5 mm. spacer? I don't have one either, but have used a number 9 drill bit (.1960 inch) (or in a pinch even a 3/16 inch bit) to get the timing close. Then once it's running use a timing light to set it to 20 degrees advance at 2000 rpm. If you get brave enough you can check it at 28 degrees at 6500 rpm. (YIKES!!)
I am just about ready to fit and time a Boyer on my 850 and since it has only got about 100 miles on a rebore can anyone tell me the timing at a lower rev figure than the high revs @31 degrees recommended by Boyer

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