RH10 850 head (2008)

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How Much ? :shock:

Lucky my head is an RH4 or I'd be tempted to break the Old Girl !

I do wonder a little about the winning bid. It's the only motorcycle-related object on the feedback in years.

Virtually impossible to get a feel for these things since eBay turned things in favour of the shillers.
From what I have seen on e-bay there has been a drastic price increase over the last few months. Lately the RH10 heads has sold between 625-800 US.
I bought a spare about half a year ago, paid 365 US then.
1.600 US seems to be an unrealistic price for a bare cylinder head!

Grief, it looks heavily grit blasted to me, the rocker spindle bores could be ruined.
It must be a micky take.
Yeah, What is up with that?

I had watched that head, but was amazed when I checked a few days after it ended.
Glad I only paid $1200 for my whole R10 headed bike. :shock:

Well, 20 years ago, but mine came assembled and running.

And.... no I don't really have an R10 headed bike.... honest...

I guess I better get a whole 750 as well - and make sure I blow it up and not the 850.
Yikes. Good thing the K bikes are going cheap. I just bought a K75S with 100K (and a couple hundred to go) for 2K (and in Canadian $$ at that!)

Elvis must somehow be involved. Insert Elvis emoticon here
I do wonder a little about the winning bid. It's the only motorcycle-related object on the feedback in years.

I wondered about that also, but the losing bidder was at $1577!!
Wow. I guess I'd better hang on to all of my Nortons and Norton parts. Better investment than the stock market!

That makes my 850 Anti-Cafe project bike purchase (at $2300, including good RH10 head) seem like a bargain!

bought an rh10 head at Kempton auto jumble 2 months ago for £350. had to go to cash point for a few more shekels, haven't moved so fast for 30 years. sent to steve maney for exhaust and plug thread repairs. did a cracking job. head like new now. to think I wasn't going to go!
I have two good RH10 heads if anybody gets stuck for one
Not sure why there is negative comments on The Fullauto head we should be very grateful that people like Ken Cockram invested lot of money and Tim in a reproducing new cylinder head.
Maybe there may have been a few small problems along the way but nothing he did not know about and would of made further improvements if he was still producing them.
We should be happy the people are still willing to make parts for our old bikes such as Steve Kelly from Trispark who is also a very small business who works from home and like Ken is a Motorcyclist
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