Replacement Ignition Switch for and 850

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Mar 1, 2007
Does anyone know where to get or order a good replacement ignition switch for an 850 commando. I am looking for something that is keyed and not too much trouble to mount in the original spot on the bike. Thanks
Domiracer has a Lucas replica as does EMGO. The Domi one can interchange the keylock with your original to keep the same keys. EMGO stuff is carried by a number of different vendors.
Original Lucas switches are also still available from people like Old Britts.
Make sure you get the right one. Some Triumph models used a similar looking unit but with alternative connections which worked in conjunction with a diode to stop the ignition circuit receiving power from the parking lights position.

It caused me some head-scratching. Not a problem if you don't intend to have a "park" facility IIRC
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