Recall on 650 Interceptors


Sep 15, 2014
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I got a recall notice from RE today. It says that if you ride in the winter on salted roads that the brake calipers can seize.
Here is a copy of the recall. Recall on 650 Interceptors
They don’t get much salt on the roads in Chennai !

Actually this has been known about for a good while here in the U.K. But even so, my mate has been told there are no replacement calipers available yet...
I had mine checked last year, no issue found, but I hear they will be replacing the calipers anyway.
Are those the same calipers Suzuki used in early SV650s? Used mine all year round and had to strip and clean the rear caliper at least once every winter. Dealer told me it was because I was daft enough to ride it in winter!
They are ByBre which apparently is an abbreviation of "by Brembo". I was quite surprised to see the other names they own...

I was talking with a knowledgeable Enfield guy t'other day, I think he mumbled something about the brake pistons being coated??
With what I don't recall, but it seems they got materials wrong....
Or did I get that wrong? Anybody?