Rear Shock advice please

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May 4, 2006
My 73 commando came with works performance gas shocks that the p.o. had fitted somewhere around 8000 miles, the bike now has 18,000. the shocks feel like mush and would probably bottom out with 2 up. they have never been serviced. i contacted performance and they will re-seal, re gas for 120.00 us. my question is are these shocks really a worthy upgrade? (all the rest of the bike is stock) are the norton replacements from old britts a viable alternative? any advise and reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! thanks, jerome

Hi jerome,I don't have experience with Performance shocks so can't say if the upgrade is worthwhile,if the rest of the bike is stock, it would seem to make sense to go close to stock shocks, or upgrade the rest of the bike to suit Performance shocks,hardly a worhty project, unless you plan on racing / high speed road riding. I have fitted Hagon shocks to my last 4 Brit. bikes, they are now, and have been a good investment , good ride comfort, good ride control. Your choice.I'm sure that you will get many opinions to follow. Good luck. James.
thanks james! which hagons did you use? i am just starting to research so i am not sure. i also want to ride 2 up. thanks again, jerome

i jerome,I bought my Hagons through several dealers, they inquired about my weight and wether I rode "2up" or solo,this way they can tailor the set of shocks to suit.Any of the Brit. bike dealers can supply the Hagons. Good luck. James
I'm using Progressive Suspension shocks on my MKII and they're great. They have 2 or 3 different spring rates you can get depending on payload range. The medium (90 lb/in) rate springs work well for a 200 lb rider.

If you don't want your WP shocks I'd be happy to take them off your hands. The vintage Konis that came with my 850 project bike turned out to be junk.

I'm running Hagons on my 750 and have been pleased with them. They're an excellent value for the money. A new set of WP shocks retail for about double the cost of the Hagons. If you had yours rebuilt and set up for your weight and riding style I'm sure you'd be happy with them (of course that would cost as much as a new set of Hagons).

thanks all for your replies and info. debby, i will let you know if i do not re-use the wp's. is seems the 120.00 for the re-build is less than the hagons i have found. 194.00. my dilema is the down time right now with a frozen mix brewing out there and some nice weather comming up. i will check locally and maybe come up with some "loaners". cheers, jerome
At the other end of the scale, EMGO offers those Girling-replica shocks at a really low price. Has anyone tried those? I imagine it's a case of getting what you pay for! :lol:

Call me silly but when it comes to shocks and tires I don't skimp. Afterall, that is what is between you and the road. I wouldn't travel the cheapest avenue if it were me, but I don't need an infinitely adjustable race shock.

I still think using the Werks you already have is a good route.
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