Rear Rack/Panniers

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Dec 24, 2003
Just wondering if anyone has purchased one of the rear racks from RGM motors at all ??

I am preparing my 850 for a big trip circumnavigating Australia this year in mid April. If anyone can offer advice on a good rack setup it would be appreciated.

I gave a way a perfectly good Craven rack with my last commando.....dam silly of me.
Reg, If your going to load it and I am sure you will. You will need some struts that reach from the back of the new rack down to the back of the Z bars were the buddy peg bolt goes through. When going two up with my son we had to get out the heavy duty shock springs and preload them. Learned this after hitting the first big bump at hwy. speeds. The sound of the tire rubbing the inside of the rear fender is not pleasant. norbsa
Commando's are not as much fun loaded way down and they peel rear tire right off loaded down as well. norbsa
I understand what you are saying Greg.
That is why I am hesitant to take the norton.
If I was going by myself, I would not even think about it.
But two up takes a bit of the joy away from riding the norton.

In the end, I may be best to buy one of the "Rockets" & either keep it or sell it when I return.

Having said that, you know that I would much rather do the trip on my norton. I have the "slimmer" Interstate tank on it now. This 850 has proven itself over a number of good trips since I have had it. I swapped a "large" interstate tank with Pete Combat for the slimline I sold to him some 12 - 18 months ago.

Are you sure you don't want to come along for the trip ?
You have a bit of time to organise coming over for it........

Regards from Reg.
just a few thoughts....

Logically looked at.....if you have the buckoes to just pick up another bike for the trip...then you have the buckoes to get a Craven Pannier and Rack setup and a set of air shocks and use the Norton. I think perhaps you will get more pleasure out of telling the tale...that way. Rear tires will get eaten up...but a bit of organization will solve that...there must be bike shops at a couple of stopping points, that will store a tire for you till you reach there, and help change it for you. An offer to put their link on your website, or promote their fine name a bit here on the forum, will work wonders.......

All you need, is a good machine...just for laughs, a good breakdown insurance....and an adventurous mood....go for it.
I should ask RGM if this rack is still available as they told me they would not be having any more
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