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Does anyone has a nice solution/idea to replace the rear light on a 850 Mk2 (ugly square one)?
Old Britts had a prototype (17-100030) some time ago but seems they will not make it!
850 Commando tail light


This is completely a matter of preference. I happen to like the unit you don't, but what ever tail light you choose can easily be grafted onto your Commando. Don't throw away the original tail light as it's worth a lot more than any replacement you come up with.
Triumph used an attractive alloy unit made by Lucas that could probably be adapted. You may end up with some extra holes in your fender but since your going to that much trouble you could change the fender too since they're not that expensive. I can't remember what years Triumph used those units but check some of the Triumph suppliers they should be able to show you what I'm talking about.
The prototype that Old Bitts is working on is an old aftermarket item still being produced. Old Britts is trying to modify it to be a bolt on for the Commando.
It can still be purchased through many venders, you'll just have to search.
I bought one several years ago, I think through Drag Specialties, the Harley guys. I haven't installed it yet. I have seen it installed. Looks good.
The hardest part is cutting a nice radius to clear the rear loop.
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