Rear Chain Oiler

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Mar 7, 2004
For some reason the last time I reattached the oil tank to my 1974 Commando I had a terrible time getting everything lined up mainly due to the rear chain oiler attachment. I've been meaning to plug it up for years.
I'm just looking for ideas on how to do it.

I have aftermarket rims on the bike, which allowed me to add a rear disk brake. Unfortunately the front speedometer drive no longer fits. So I haven't had a speedometer for the last 15+ years. I've seen bikes at rallies with non stock drives attached to either the front or bike wheels. Has anyone dealt with this situation?
chain oiler plug


I can't really help with the speedo drive. Regarding plugging the chain oiler, I removed all the tubing from the tank and used a rubber vacuum cap. These can be bought from auto parts stores, usually as a kit with many diameter caps. They are black rubber and look like a piece of tubing with a bull nose at one end. Put the cap over the metal chain oiler tube on the oil tank and use a hose clamp to make sure it doesn't come off. Throw the chain oiler in a plastic bag and keep it for the day when you or someone whats a completely original restoration.
My Commando came with the rear oiler disconnected. I found that someone had put a ball bearing into the feed line after cutting it off. I have ridden many miles on my bike and never had so much as a drop of oil come out of the oiler tube. hope this helps
Thanks for the info. It's snowing again here in Vermont so I don't have much enthusiasm for working on the bike. I'll get going one of these days
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