Rear Carrier for Commandos

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Oct 25, 2007
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Hi all - a few months ago I posted a question regarding a source for a rear carrier/rack for my Commando Interstate - RGM in the UK have them in their catalogue but when I contacted them they stated that they are unlikely to produce any in the forseeable future. One forum member mentioned Bruce Chessell in Canada as a possible supplier. I emailed him and he was very helpful. I have recieved one of his racks and I'm very pleased with it. The quality is excellent and it fitted very easily. It is less 'bulky' than other types of rack I've seen. If any of you are interested he can be contacted via

Hello Mark, any chance of a picture or four, as I am needing a rack quite urgently.

Just out of interest, I have seen a rack apparently available in Canada, and it is of flat steel construction as opposed to tubular. Does this sound like your rack?
Hi Reggie - a photo of me and my bike is now on Bruce Chessells website (the last photo on the right) - - the carrier is of flat steel construction rather than tubular but it is very strong. It simply bolts to the rear frame tubes below the saddle - I've found this plenty strong enough for my 45ltr topbox however Bruce does suggest that if needed added support mat be needed for heavy loads. There are numerous holes in the carrier for bungees,brackets etc.
Delivery from Canada via ship was about six weeks. Carriage by air can be arranged but it is expensive.


Mark Woodward.
This is the one I found on a search this week. Thanks for the link. It looks very sturdy. Would you say that it is fairly heavy, or are the looks deceptive?

Nice bike Mark. How's the 920 behaving itself?
Hi Reggie - the rack is quite light but is very sturdy - as soon as it's bolted top the bike it's 'rock-solid'. Ref my 920 it is running very well - loads of 'grunt'. Modifications I've done over the years include:-

Single Mk2 Concentric Carb
Belt Drive Primary
Upgrade gearbox main shell
Tri-Spark Classic Twin electronic ignition (a VERY impressive system).
Dave Taylor Head Steady
'Straight-through' Black Cap Silencers
3 phase alternator
RGM front disk brake
dual-sided gearbox adjuster
Mk3 Isolastics
Clutch push rod oil seal
Uprated clutch
'Flap' valve in engine breather

I've also moved the ignition switch up between the instruments and fitted a tap in the oil feed line to stop wet sumping - the tap is 'rigged' to the ignition such that the bike won't start unless the tap is switched on - (I used to use the automatic non-return valves but never really trusted them).

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