Rear brake plate, Gloss or Satin Black

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Feb 26, 2008
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Just prepped my back brake plate for paint, and am not sure if gloss or satin black is right for a 1971 Commando.

Just wondering, if anybody knew, if these parts were originally finished gloss black or satin black from the factory.

Don't think the factory would have had such a fancy finish as satin in them days. Would be gloss is my bet, same as frame, swingarm, batt tray etc.
I agree with Keith1069. While the finish is not as high gloss as a basecoat/clearcoat system, the factory frame finish had a moderately high gloss.
I have no "scientific basis" for this, but I'm thinking the original finish was kind of a semi-gloss, which goes along with what Ron is saying, sort of.
I'm pretty sure that it was gloss but it was "off the gun" with no preparation and no flatting afterwards.

Most of them had a pretty dry finish

The finish that modern paints can provide took a lot more work to achieve in the 1970s.

If you have a chain oiler then the correct finish is a "wet look" and it should drip when you park. :D (not sure if that's the paint though)
I remember when I had mine powder coated I chose gloss black because it matched the original finish closer than any other option. I used gloss black without a clear coat.
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