Re-plating front brake disc?

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Feb 17, 2008
While bead blasting my '74 front brake disc, I noticed that it apparently came from the factory with a thick plating. Unfortunately, the plating is in poor condition.
I'm considering getting it re-plated, but I would very much like to find out how other members "spiff up" their discs! Do you replace them, paint them, plate them?
Does anyone know if the plating is zinc, or cadmium, or something else?

Attached photos show the plating on my disc (and where it flaked off):
Re-plating front brake disc?

Re-plating front brake disc?
I sanded the painted part with 250 sand paper and then spray painted the areas (boths sides and the edge) with light silver (tremclad) anti rust paint. Gave it 4 coates and it looks great for the last year now....

Mind you, I only did about 2000 miles.
Get it blanchard ground then nickel plate it. It's not too flashy like chrome and seems to brake better. I had mine drilled, ground and plated by a place called Disc Brake Reconditioners in Illinois. 618-344-7683. I'm sure any local plater could do the nickel.

My MKIII discs had a hard chrome on the rotor surface and what appeared to be paint in the centre.
What about this then ~ admittedly it is intended for use in converting the rear drum conical brake on my project Special T150V to a T140 .. plus as I want to fit a floating rear calliper ~ "we" ~ a professional machinist/ fitter machined off the original rotor and then adapted a new Honda Blackbird xx 1100 rotor ~

Has to be finished and tidied up yet `
Re-plating front brake disc?
I am getting ready to replace my tired 19" chrome front rim replaced by 19" Morad aluminium rims.

The disc brake on my 73 850 looks very second hand.

In my company we get solenoid valves electroless nickel coated and I will have a go at getting my disc through the process.

I will keep you all updated.


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