Rack for the back

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Dec 9, 2008
I am thinking of putting a rack on the back of my 75 Roadster. I need to take a lunch to work at times. There is a "Wassell" rack currently listed on ebay. Is that about as good as it gets, or should I keep looking?
Commando rack

If you do add a rack and mount it only to the rear frame loop, be careful how much weight you carry. The loop is strong enough to support the rear fender and many commando frames required to handle loads are bent downward here. If you can brace the rack to the frame down tube or the "Z" plate it would be better.

I bought one of Bruce Chessells racks for my 1974 Mk2A Interstate - it fitted easily and works fine, it is well made and finished - I agree that if you intend to 'load it up' heavily you may need to add extra braces etc. but there are plenty of points on the rack to add such refinements.


Mark Woodward
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