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Jan 21, 2008
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Advice please.
750 engine still being built so had to pop the 850 road engine into the race bike. It has a leak from the back of the crankcases so I am going to strip it over the weekend & use an instant gasket on the crankcase joint. This was originally wellseal, never used it here before so not sure if it was the right thing to use, so going back to what I know works!
Question? While I have it apart can I just fit the PW3?
ie springs valve pockets followers etc
See you at Pembrey
all the best Chris
Hi Chris,

I'd fit new followers every time with a new cam! What cam did you have in there originally?? The PW3 does have more lift than standard, so it'll depend on whether your heads been skimmed, whether you had valve pockets already etc. I've always had 750s and used pistons with deep cutouts already in them. Again it depends on what your valve springs were shimmed to with your original cam.

Give me a call later



Thanks all

The pistons have cut outs for larger valves & the cases have been altered for larger cam lobes, currently running a 4s.
I dont think I would have replaced the followers so thanks for that.
I have a spare set of followers so nice & easy.
Looking forward to the weekend. Deep in the engine!
all the best Chris
I had a long-time leak between the case halves below the carbs which just went away after I put in one of those one way brake valves in the oil breather.

Hi Batrider
Just got my crankcase breathers in the post.
I will have to strip the engine as I have a large sum invested in entry fee's
plus my van only does 27 to the gallon & its six & a half hours to deepest darkest Wales.
I miss enough rides in a season without compounding the situation.
I am looking forward to running the valve though as I have had nothing but good reports.
all the best Chris
I normally have the existing followers faced if I am putting in another cam, it's much cheaper than buying a new set.
Hi Dave

Hi Dave
I've only got 9 days!
Sounds like we are very much alike new project in one door, obscene offer & the bike you would never sell exits the other door!
Keep on with the work
all the best Chris
I must be spoiled here in Hong Kong, my machine shop can do this for me within a couple of days. I currently have 4 Commando restorations and a BSA on the go in the hope that I might actually be able to hang on to one of them for myself! I seem to have more 'new best mates' sniffing around than I know what to do with. Good luck with your racing season, my last race related outing was 3 parade laps round the Macau Grand Prix circuit on a 1924 Sunbeam.
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