Production Racer Replica

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Nov 11, 2004
I have a Mk3 850 that is now up and I need another project to keep me busy. I really like the look of the 750 Production racers. Does anyone sell the appropriate bits to convert a standard 750 into a Production Racer Replica? ( Also, does anyone have a 750 that would be a suitable base for the project??)
Hi Mick,

as far as I know you could contact Les Emery (Norvil UK) for details. Check their website as well:
They have got all the bits and bobs to build a NPR replica. Quite pricey though. I do not know about shipping details to the US (i. e. VAT, costs), as you can order the parts where we here over in europe can have the complete bike build to order (sets you back at least
$ 16.000.00). Mick Hemmings (based in the UK, too) also specialized in building NPR bikes and does also sell the parts (gas tank, seat, fairing, rearsets, clip ons, etc). I think Norvil are his suppliers, too.

Take care and have fun building your NPR!
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