powder coating

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Jun 3, 2005
Was wondering if it is ok to get the oil tank on my Commando powder coated , i am not quite sure if this would be advisable due to grit entering the tank or the heat used in the process.

Thanks for any help with this.

I would suggest cleaning the tank as best as possible with solvent and then evaporate as much as possible.

The fittings should be blocked off before blasting so the media does not enter the tank. The powder coater may wish to prebake the tank to make sure any solvent residue is driven out of the tank. I would give the inside of the tank a final wash and rinse or two with hot soapy water before mounting it to make sure no blast media found its way inside.

If done carefully, I don't see any problem.
I've been hearing more and more folks powdercoating the INSIDE of gas tanks as a really good tank liner. I have yet to hear of any long-term issues with it...
cnw powdercoated my oil tank with their oil tank mod. Didn't look close enough to see if they did the inside also
No way would I paint the inside of an oil tank or a petrol tank. Why anyway?, because it is corroded? Paint doesn't adhere to rust. Just imagine a flake of paint jamming an oilway up.
Problem with the powdercoat process is the sandblasting. That sand gets everywhere, you'll never get it all out.

Have heard some horror stories of otherwise beautiful restorations that ruin engines due to oil tank sand. To me
same would apply to fuel tanks, sanblasting effectively ruins them (although they look good cosmetically).

Several vendors offer reconditioned oil tanks; also Norvil lists new ones at (seems to me) reasonable prices,
with the exchange rate in favor to USA. cheers
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