Pour rouler en COMMANDO RACER

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Sep 16, 2006
Come on Keith1069, or some one translate.

I now know why my French teacher used to beat me. :roll:
cash said:
or some one translate.

If you go to Google (Google UK etc.) and then select 'Language Tools' Google will translate it for you if you paste the text in the 'Translate Text' box and select the languages, -not brilliant, but generally well enough to be able to understand at least: http://www.google.co.uk/language_tools?hl=en

The Google translated text

Norton f1 said:

"I sell a superb leather jacket NORTON racing brand DAYTONA size 54-46, which must match a XXL!
It is a great quality and a great finish, he has NEVER BEEN DOOR!
This jacket is one of the very few models worthy of a CAFE RACER COMMANDO!
At the highest bidder but I do not lache has fewer than 200 euro!"

Keith1069 replied:

"It's very beautiful, but also too large for me (M)!
Ebay? Good luck."
Come to think of it I used to get the stick quite a lot.

He has never been door?

Last year I used this same translation service in an attempt to purchase an Argentinean Vincent for sale on "TheVincent.com"
The seller also used it to correspond with me. I could not make head nor tail of his English, nor could he get any useful meaning from my Spanish.

I gave up on the translation service and had a South American friend draft a letter which I emailed to the seller. I then had my friend translate the response. Finally we were making sense to one another!
My main question was if the bike was together and running, since this would mean most of the big pieces were there and that the engine was not blown, although I assumed it was worn out and needed complete rebuild.
He assured me that it could be made to run in "a few minutes"
Luckily I had another friend whose brother lived in Argentina and was willing to view the bike. He found that it was a complete basket case, just some boxes of what appeared to be unrelated parts, some of them Vincent, some of them from other old bikes!
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