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Hi all,

Well I tore into it ... no going back now :lol:

My petcocks are pretty mangled, and I want to replace them. They might be serviceable, but they look well used.

Has anybody put on a set of Pingle's :?:

I'm not sure if I want to keep the stock look ...

Any suggestions or opinions as to what everyboy is using ... :shock:
I replaced mine with the original petcocks from Norvil. They come with a fine mesh strainer and seal rings and are quite cheap. You dont have to mess around with crossovers and stuff either. But - they do look original. I guess you`ll change out the fuel hoses as well - they dry out and leak when they get old. Good luck with the rest !

Regards, T.Bergsaker
72 750 Roadster
Hi Thore,

Thanks for the advice :!:

Since my post, I've totally rebuilt the carb, cut and fit new fuel lines, clamps, and filter, and decided to do as you suggested ... order new replacement petcocks from Norvil. I agree, it is part of the "look", and is cheaper than Pingles.

I also bought a new flange, and have cleaned and buffed the inlet manifold.

I did a dummy :oops: I didn't see the two socket bolts inside the manifold, and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it off, so I added my own custom pry marks to the gasket surface :oops: -- a few small scrapes which I've filed down ... the gasket should seal it. If it looks to be an issue, I'll have to reface the surface about 10-15 thou.

Some pictures:

Thanks again!
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