Parade magazine helmet law vote


I can't tell from your post if you are pro-helmet, or against them. I am pro myslef.

If you don't wear a helmet then you assume an increased risk while riding a motorcycle. It might seem like it is your risk to assume. i.e. you're the one who will get hurt so it's your choice. Actually, though, the consequences also fall on others who have not been asked if they want to assume the risk too. There is cost to the rest of us (i.e. socisety) while you take up a hospital bed and resources to fix you up. Health insurance costs go up, because we pool them (that's how group policies work) and the helmet-less accident casualty takes a bigger chunk of the pool for his medical fees than he has put in, for a self-inflicted, avoidable injury.

Most people don't think it through; they just fixate on the wind-in-my-hair, personal-freedom BS. So, we create laws to protect the rest of us from the selfish and the stupid people in our midst. Of whom a disproportionate number seem to ride obnoxiously loud, flashy Harley-Davidsons. :roll:
62% for no helmet law ,38% for a law so far. Good. I wear a helmet and don't a law to force me to.