Panic: 932 fine tuning question

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The difference between a 105 NJ and a 106 NJ is like night and day. I think you will find the 105s way too lean. On my '72 Combat the 106s when new are just right. But I can start to feel a difference about 2000 miles later and need to replace at 4-5000 miles. The needles do wear also so I replace both at the same time. Probably a 1055 needle jet could extend this replacement interval on my bike. As it stands I'm only putting about 1500 mi a year on now.

The way I gauge the wear is to ride in 2nd gear at about 25mph on a flat surface with no load on the engine. With new needle jets it is smooth. With worn jets it will go uhhhh uh uhhhh uh uhhhh uh. :) Very scientific description I know.

Well, I held off on sending the slides to Bruce until I had a chance to check out the .105 nj's and 270 main.

FWIW, the .106's had maybe 100 miles on 'em as did the needles - so that's not the issue.

Anyway, got the gauge pin and .1055 reamer yesterday. Bet you're surprised (not) that the gauge went cleanly through one of the new needle jets - but not the other. Reamed them both out to .1055 last night and fiddled a bit this morning before work.

The bike seems harder to start. This could be explained by the fact that it was 40 degrees (F) in the garage today - a good 15 deg colder than a few days ago - and I don't have chokes on the carbs. Very unscientific, but it revved easily and pulled away from stops without fuss or hesitation.

Seems the float height auto-adjusts to the highest possible setting. I set them 1mm below the rim of the bowl when I built the carbs. The float needle seats move too easily and sank to the bottom on their travel since then. Likely the source of my over-rich condition.

I've also come to the conclusion that my lean full throttle condition may have been exacerbated by the Andover Norton fuel taps - as they allowed only a dribble of fuel to pass through them. The 270 mains plus the cheapo BAP petcocks flow much better and feel much sturdier. Go figure.

Anyway, a week from tomorrow is dyno day. Fingers crossed.
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