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Hi everybody,

I recently acquired an old 1972 Norton Commando motorcycle. It does require some restoration to get it back up and running. Is there a place where I can get a repair manual for this particular bike? If there is, does anyone have the web address or whatever contact information there is available.

I can also recommend OldBritts (www.oldbritts.com). I've bought a bunch of stuff from them. They're good to work with and they stand behind what they sell. Lots of technical info on their website too.

Be careful with ebay - frequently the used parts people sell end up costing more than buying new from one of the brit bike suppliers. And there's a lot of people on ebay selling cheap chinese repro parts. Gotta be careful about that stuff.

I got mine from Don Hutchinson Cycle (www.triumphman.com). He has a package deal of the service manual, and the parts book. They are reprints, but the quality is good. He is quite the character to talk to on the phone too!
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