Oil seals for primary leaks....

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Aug 25, 2008
My 75 MK 3 Commando has several leaks from the behind the inner primary case. I have all the parts neccesary to make repairs but one question remains that I cannot answer from looking at my manuals.

Can the layshaft oil seal (04-0132) be replaced by removing the countershaft sprocket or does the gearbox need to be taken apart? I'm hoping for an easy fix as usual!!!!!!

Thanks for all the great information.
Commando75, I haven't personally done it with the shaft in situ, and as it's about 20 years since I have fully rebuilt a gearbox on a Commando I couldn't be 100%, but looking at the parts book, I would think that it should be quite possible.

Commando75 wrote
Can the layshaft oil seal (04-0132)

I assume that you mean the mainshaft oil seal, sleeve gear bearing :?:
One way to remove a seal where it's not possible to lever it out in the normal way, is to drill two small holes directly opposite each other in the face of the seal, then screw a self tapping screw a few turns into each hole, then grip the heads of the screws with two pairs of pliers or mole grips/vise grips....and pull.
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