Oil Line Question

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Jul 10, 2004
:?: I am installing an oil filter on my 72 - it did not come with one but the holes in the r/h motor mount are already drilled. That's OK, I don't need the drilling practice! I bought only the filter "head", not an entire kit.

Just want to verify that I am re-routing the INNER oil line thru the filter and then onto the metal tube which enters the oil tank just below the cap. Therefore (if I understand this correctly) the feed from the tank is from the larger fitting (with internal filter) and runs on the OUTSIDE of the pair of lines to the junction.

I am using 5/16" fuel line which is rated for diesel, etc, and is rated for 50 PSI. As this is only the return line I wouldn't expect it to see more than a few PSI.

Thanks, Stuart Ostroff
HI Stuart,

Yes, it goes on the return line and that is the inner line. It connects to that upper fitting on the tank. There's a diagram in the tech digest.

I need to do the same. Unfortunately, my cradle is not pre-drilled. I'm not looking forward to precisely drilling two holes through it (using a hand drill)!



It is really not hard at all. You might make a small template plate wth pilot (1/8") holes at the proper center distance. Then clamp it onto the frame plate in the proper position to use a a drill guide. Pop thru these 2 pilot holes, remove the template, and go in with the finished size drill - 11/32 I think. This leaves a nice clearance for the 5/15-24 bolts.


Stuart has already given you good advice and if you navigate to the "Technical Articles" at Old Britts, it explains how in more detail


My guess is you may have seen the article already. Even if you can mark the hole centres & find someone with a good drill........
I reckon you could do the job without pulling your cradle off. The holes would not have to be "perfectly" located, but would have to be the correct distance apart for the mounting braket & tab washer so the bolts go through.
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