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The Haynes manual says; "Remove and replace the oil filter element (fitted to all models, 1972 onwards)"

Sometime during the 1972 model year a spin-on cartridge type filter was incorporated into the return oil line, the filter housing being bolted to the engine cradle at the rear of the gearbox, this is what the Haynes manual is referring to and a kit was available to convert earlier bikes.

The large hexagon bolt at the rear of the oil tank that connects the return pipe to the tank also includes a gauze filter, this is the 'oil tank filter'.
If you do not have the spin-on filter assembly then possibly you should consider fitting one?
I seem to be having problems editing my previous message but I should have said the oil tank filter connects the FEED pipe NOT the RETURN.
Just saw LAB answered...but since I already wrote this...will upload this answer anyway.....

On my 72, there are two filters, one in the tank...wire mesh. And one just in front of the swing arm, behind the tranny...normal car type oil filter. I think Haynes means the one in the tank. Tank is a bit of a trick to pull out, but if it hasn't been cleaned for years, there is most likely sludge and crap in it. Pull it out and flush it good. Mine hadn't been done in 30 years, and despite the fact of regular oil changes , and being careful about having the cover tight, there was all sorts of crap in there....shocking. The big plug, on the back of the tank, which is in essense the holder of the screen filter, must be pulled out to get the tank out of the frame. Couple of other hoses too have to be disconnected. Keep track of what you do, and check/replace the hoses if needed. They are easy to replace when the tank is out....hard to replace once the tank is back in . Just buy a meter and a half of oil hose and replace them. Filter has a couple of BIG copper rings as gaskets....can be perhaps reused or order a couple before starting the project.
If your bike doesn't have the regular auto type filter under the bike....you can order the conversion kit and mount one....good idea to do this. Think some of the bikes had some kind of built in filter too, but mine doesn't.
I think Haynes means the one in the tank.
The Haynes manual actually deals with the tank filter (and original sump filter) separately, as it says;
"Drain the oil tank whilst the engine is warm and remove and clean the filters..."

Think some of the bikes had some kind of built in filter too, but mine doesn't.

There was another gauze filter fitted in the sump to pre-1972 models, this filter then returned on 850 models.
See....we can't know everything! There are so many varieties of these machines....good we have this forum to use...a good source...and lots of knowledge....Happy New Year to you!
It's hard to believe that a bike built in the seventies would not have an oil filter, a means of draining the oil tank on a dry sump motor, or even a magnetic drain plug. I'm refering to my 70 roadster but it plaques other models/years as well.
feliz said:
It's hard to believe that a bike built in the seventies would not have an oil filter,.

It boggles the mind, doesn't it???
Oil filter cartridge

Hi Fellas,
Does any body know the part number or type for a replacement cartridge.
The genuine Norton filter (06-3371) should of course be available from any good Norton parts supplier although this seems to be a more expensive (outside of the UK at least!) option.
Thanks again, this forum is peerless in the helpfulness of the members and the quality of information.
Regards Mike.
list of compatable filters

Anybody recall the thread where at least twenty brands and numbers of filters were listed that will fit his bike? If someone finds it, bring it up on the screen, and copy and paste the link for this man, in this forum...inside url tags...naturally :wink:

I can't find it....thanks!!!

We had a wonderful day of non-norton weather yesterday.....took some pics.



doncha just love winter driving? We're having a nice break from it ATM. I've been riding Chugley to work. Morning temps have been right around freezing. Coworkers all think I'm crazy. 8)

Filters - I bought a filter head from Acme Machine of Ft. Collins, CO. It uses standard automotive filters and has several other improvements over the OEM unit. My bike wasn't fitted with a filter, which is one of the reasons the motor got destroyed.

I've heard Ducati filters will fit the OEM head. Seems like a better idea is to obtain or make one of those adapter rings...


Used to do that too.....but not no more. It's not the temp, but the black ice that will make you see the light.. :wink:

There is still a long list of filters that will fit, somewhere in the forum...maybe he will look. Any way you like to fix the problem, stock filter head, new and improved type...egal, as long as it gets a new one and a bit of new oil.

On another takt...

Know how it is next to impossible to convince your kid to do his maint on his bike or it will pay him back? Only a teenager can have such blind faith. Since November, when I saw his chain was finished, because he just doesn't have the TIME (read lazy) to adjust it and give it a bit of lube, anyway, it needed a new chain. I had to front the cost of one, order one, wait forever for the money and then the chain sits in the garage for, till last week, when someone comes to the door to let us know he's a pushin a couple of miles from home. "Chain" thinks the devil in me....
I quit suggesting he do something about it, back in December....tired of the "will you stop being a pain in the ass", look....anyway....long way to push, and with a friend along too...how embarrassing...and naturally I had something very important to do and couldn't go and pick him up and such....:wink: Chain had ripped the teeth off the sprocket, whipped about and it was a "b*tch" to get it all apart and put the new chain and another sprocket on it. Hard getting a chain off, that hasn't seen the tip of an oil can spout for 6 months...

Poor boy froze his fingers and all...cold in the garage.

This week, he pushes it most of the way home again, big oil leak, motor not happy, etc.

Well folks...might have been better to have adjusted the chain and oiled it last November, and December, and Jan and Feb, myself...cause she done had the chain whip around a bit when it jumped the sprocket and all last week, and I saw today it done put a nice hole in the motor block, caused a heck of an oil leak, broke the gear change/gas mixture electronic dingie down there by the chain, and hell....I wish it wasn't MY bike.

Sometimes it's a bummer to have to say "I told you so". But you can bet your sweet bippy...I will. :wink:
73 Norton Oil Filter

I replaced my oil filter with a WIX 51352 oil filter, cost approx $8. Fit right on, no leakage whatsoever (after I found out I had a cracked oil line). The oil filter that came with the bike was of European brand. Hope this helps. semper fi devildog
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