o-ring rear chain?

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May 4, 2006
thanks for the replies on "running rich". those links were full of great tech info and i am getting it sorted out. my latest situation is i pulled my rear chain off. it has sigificant stretch and some stiff links. it is an omega S o ring chain. any feelings on an o-ring chain for a 73 850? thanks, jerome
Chain Replacement

Hi Jerome,
I see you made it to Jerry's forum, lots of great info.

Regarding your chain, any bike shop will be able to sell you a length of "O"ring chain. However, you will not want to put a new chain on old sprockets. I got my 520 sized front sprocket from www.clubmanracing.com in CT, but, I had to narrow a new back sprocket/drum myself. Maybe someone on this forum knows where they can be purchased already in 520 size???????

Clubman sells both ends and the middle

Commando #520 Rear Sprocket/Brake Drum – A copy of the 06-2764 Commando drum but made for use with a 5/8" x 1/4" chain opposed to the standard 5/8" x 3/8" chain. When paired with one of our 520 gearbox sprockets it allows the use of either a lighter 520 chain for racing or an o-ring 520 chain (a 530 o-ring chain is too wide to fit the Commando) for reduced maintenance and longer chain life. Limited quantities available. #C320
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