Norton Name Has Another New Owner


Nov 20, 2004
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It's been reported in this month's edition of Old Bike Mart newspaper that the rights to use the Norton name have been acquired by Derby UK businessman Stuart Garner, who also owns part of Spondon Engineering.

Plans are to produce NRV style rotary engined motorcycles in a new factory at Donington Park in both the road and race versions.

Other rotary engines for motorcycles, scooters, industrial and horticultural machinery are planned.

A new "traditional four-stroke twin" is also likely!!
"And good luck to all who sail in her", as the Royals say when a new ship is launched.

It's heart-warming to know there are still people out there who think the Norton name is worth paying the money to resurrect it The best of luck to them.

Unfortunately, a lot of such resurredtions have soaked up a lot of investors' money and then disappeared without trace.

Maybe this one will be better - sure hope so.
Possibly the EUROPEAN rights to the Norton name. I believe the U.S. rights to the name are held with vigor by the guys selling mini-bikes (not a joke, you read it right).