Norton Commando Shakedown Run

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Dec 5, 2005
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I have just returned from my first ride on my freshly rebuilt 1973 Commando 750. This is my first experience with a Norton and I must say that I am impressed-those ISO'S really do work. I bought the bike about a year ago as a complete original, with a recorded 9000miles on the speedo. However, it had been poorly stored for a number of years and sufferred the ravages of surface rust to the fasteners and much of the chrome work. The restoration involved a complete "nut and bolt" strip down. The engine was completely stripped and the internals indicated the mileage to be genuine. As a precaution I had the barrells honed and new rings fitted to the standard pistons. New big end bearings were also fitted as a precaution. The bike now lopks fabulous in the correct colour of black with gold piping and decals and goes as well as it looks.

Much of the credit for the restoration must go to my good pal RichardS[a contributor to this site] who expertly carried out all of the specialised work , including-
strip and rebuild the motor
strip and rebuild the gearbox including fitting new layshaft bearing
swing arm spindle modification
front forks covenant conversion
rebuild both wheels[original spokes and niples were used after replating
paint frame, tank, side panels and engine /gearbox casings etc.

I reckon that I now have two of the best classics to come out of the UK in the 1970'2- the Norton and a 1970 T120R Bonneville.

Congratulations, It must be hard to beat the pleasure of the first ride on a Norton Commando in newly restored condition. After all that hard work and it finally comes together and it runs and handles like it was meant to!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I haven't been game to do a complete strip down and restore, I've done Rings and valves, forks,clutch plates , brakes but all at different times. I'm afraid i wouldn't get it all together again due to available time and lost parts!!
So congratulations and what about a few pictures? :?:
Photos of your Norton

Hi Bazz,

I will be adding some photos to the photo area this weekend and a cool video from worntorn of his Vincent.

If you email me some photos and your story I will be happy to add them too,

Best Regards,

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