Northern Lights tonight.

Aug 8, 2005
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The Northern Lights are fired up tonight. I can see them from my place 43 degree latitude. South east of Hamilton Ont.
1:00 am
Rare to see them this far south in the Northern Hemisphere.
we call it the aurora borealis up here.
Major solar flares directed to the earth right now.

How about you Aussies?? got a light show going Down Under??
what do you call it down there??
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The southern lights are known as aurora australis. They can generally only be seen from Tasmania in Oz and generally in the winter although they are sometimes seen in other months and sometimes a little further north. I have had a couple of Tassie holidays in late winter through to spring, and had hoped to see them, but like most Australians I have never seen them. That said, news media has reported spectacular southern lights displays in South Australia last night. It has been raining for days home here on the NSW south coast, completely overcast so no chance for me unless it clears. Most of us head to Scandanavia to see the northern lights. Would love to hear from any Aussie that has seen them, particularly the current display witnessed in SA

Fabulous / spectacular / fantastic - not enough superlatives to describe it. I went up to Hay Bluff (Welsh borders / Black Mountains) to see it and was up there until it faded out around 1am. Bright greens & purples clearly visible with the naked eye. I understand there was another display later in the night, and maybe more tonight. Camera batteries on charge....

"aurorawatch" is a good app to have on your phone / tablet.
I’m on holiday touring Norway and well north of the Arctic Circle it barely gets dark at all at night. So none seen. We have had snow though so the clouds may not have helped.
Northern Lights tonight.