NOC International Rally - Colombres 2010

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Oct 19, 2005
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[the video views and audio is too good not to share here-]

One man's tale of a great rally...

My rally was excellent, started well when my alternator died at the Dartford
River crossing on my way to Portsmouth to catch the ferry. Did my usual trick
of taking the wrong tollgate and having to back out (happy car drivers behind,

Bike failed to start on quayside at Santander, ah that's what the kill switch
does! then ran on 1 cylinder from Santander to Colombres. Much interest and
assistance at the rally site thenext day as I tried to resolve the problem.
(missed the 1st days run). Swapped plugs, leads, coils, still only ran on th
enearside cylinder. Then stripped carbs - the root cause was that the offside
throttle cable had become detached in the splitter box - so only the nearside
slide was opening. Re-attached, re-assembled and voila a twin! Battery on to
charge for the 2nd days run

Next day, ready for start and... bugger, same problem again. Removed tank
and the carb top, yup cable detached again. Replaced throttle splitter with
choke splitter and removed chokes. Eventually fired up and managed a short
rude in the mountains.

Made the last days ride! Excellent, met some great people, great weather,
excellent food, well organised, and despite problems I had a great time. will
go again.

Here's a link to some film of the Rally, you can just see me arriving at the
beginning of part 1, shortly after the commentator talks about the 'preparing' -
listen for a Commando running on one cylinder (this is not the same as the
zen experience of one hand clapping). My thanks to NOC, and all the
organisers, and MC Piston

1st part

2nd part


Mike Sullivan - MkIII Commando (with a new stator)
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