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Apr 13, 2005
This is just a hello to everyone, I'm Bill Edwards from Simi Valley Ca,and this is my first post here.
I am a life long motorcyclist (don't ask...I've owned my commando for 26 years!!) currently with five toys in my toy box. 74 T150V trident, 75 MK3 interstate commando, 76 R90S BMW, 77 900GTS Ducati, 2002 triumph Sprint ST.

My Norton is currently in the middle of a frame up rebuild after losing a rh main bearing 3 years ago (70,000 miles!!!!). I hope to have it onthe road in time to go to the Rally in Oregon in July...we shall see. I will pick up the frame and stuff from the powder coaters this friday.

My technical background is electronics, things with engines(bikes,cars,aircraft)

This looks like a GREAT list and I look foward meeting a lot of great people.

Best regards to all. Bill. :D :D :D
Bet there are a few members of the forum out your way...I'm sure they will jump into this thread and let you know....good luck with the rebuild!
Your toy box is impressive ~ I envy you~ specially withth eh Trident as I am a keen triple fan but also like the A65's ..

I am toying ~ with the idea of tearing my engine down ~ not that there is any thing wrong.. but would like to scratch out a few more ponies !

"Mum" may not appreciate the fun of doing so .. she does not appreciate the pleasure of motorcycles since she sold her GSX 1100!

While I still may regard myself still 8) more of a fringe dweller I say ~ Glad to see you here..
Not open for further replies.