newbie checking new carbs

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Oct 25, 2008
hi all getting ready to open up new carbs to inspect and install cable. what should i look for in the new ones. i know float heights book says .80 or 2 mm is this correct?whats proper way of checking this level depressig plastic tab till float needle seats or depress further? also what groove for clip on needle valve.carbs set 230 main 106 n/jet 3.5 slides bike has 1.5 exhaust pipes dunstall /aftermarket mufflers and k/n filter thanks mc
If these are brand new Burlen made replicas of the Amal concentric, and not yet running on the bike I suggest you remove the main and needle jets off the jet holder and check for any blockage in my case it was machine swarf trapped inbetween the two jets. - I had a horror weekend trying to track down a bad rough running problem on the left cylinder and until I put the old Amal back on did the problem disappear, hence a complete strip down of the new carb.

If your bike is a 850, I recommend you up size the main to 260. The rest of the settting seem fine. Free end of carb cables should measure 110mm from cable case ferrule to end of cable nipple. Any shorter and fitting into the slides can be difficult and the slides may not have enough free length to bottom out in the carb body to set idle height.

getting ready to set-up new 932 carbs on75 850

hi all disassembled new carbs checked and blew out checked gskts float looks good .ML advise was up main jet to 260 now its stock 230 main 106 with 3.5 slide.running after market amigo dunstal silencers with air box removed and k/n filter clamped to carbs 1.5 headers eletronic ing. should i up the main jet and if so what postion .any info please need to be educated any and all knowledge would help
230's were fitted to the Std 850 with the black cap silencers ex factory, when I fitted peashooters I had to go to 260, as you have Dunstalls which are also free flowing 260 sounds like a good start, you need a plug chop to verify.
I got Dunstalls on my 850Mk2 and with 932 Concentrics 260 mains is the start point with stock airbox and cam.

Also recommend you go to NGK Irridium plugs, modern fuel is a bit suspect with normal plugs, have had excellent starting and alround running with these.

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