Newbie and request for help

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Dec 1, 2006
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Firstly, thanks to the forum for its (unknowing) assistance and great reading over the last 18 months.
My first bike was a No.7 Dommie as a 16 yr old. Many bikes (and yrs) later I bought a badly abused basket Mk3 Inter with 36 Mikuni and Boyer 18 months ago.
After a bit of a struggle I'm finally getting somewhere. As the basket was very cheap and I intend to keep the thing long term I have had a reasonable budget to play with.
So far:- re-chromed rims & S/S spokes, S/S rear master cyl, pushrod and clevis, sleeved OldBritts front m/cyl, S/S caliper pistons fwd and rear, S/S braided brake hoses, Re-built motor - top and bottom, stripped and re-painted frame (using excellent jig from theses pages!), new fork & s/arm bushes, new harness (made for very good price by nice guy in NZ), Podtronics box, Pazon ign, Dyna coil, Comeau starter, nice S/S peashooters (made by semi-retired bloke in Vic - great job!), CNW h/light brackets, Corbin seat ........and Odyssey PC545 battery.
The last brings me to my question. Rather than re-invent the proverbial I would like the forums wisdom on mounting the o/sized battery on the Mk3 tray. --- fore & aft?, ---cut off small upstands on tray?
I know L.A.B. and some others run these. Would it be possible to get some advice/photos? Thanks in advance and cheers,
Welcome shedweller.

I did have a PC545 fitted, but I ended up using it on another bike (I now have a Westco AGM battery fitted) and I stood the PC545 on its end in the standard Mk III battery tray as Odysseys can be used any way up, and had no problems, although using them upside-down isn't recommended.

Newbie and request for help
Thanks L.A.B., I did wonder about that. So often manuf'rs overstate the abilities of their products and we've all lived with lead/acid being "right way up" for so long it goes against the grain a bit.

You've done a lot to that bike(!)... I'm planning on doing some similar updates on my own (and am well underway). Was wondering about the wiring harness. I'm about to rewire my bike, and will most likely make my own, but was curious about what you had done. Was your harness a custom job or did your guy follow the standard factory diagram? It would also be nifty to see some pics of your bike, if you care to share.

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